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Obama gives away America’s control of the Internet

internet control

President Obama is doing for the Internet what he did for health care: making things worse. His slogan should be “Change you can deceive in.”

Even beyond so-called “Net Neutrality” (which is NOT neutrality) and even beyond censoring the web, Obama’s Internet overhaul includes extortion and shakedowns. Businesses and individuals defend themselves against domains like .sucks, which debuts in June. Obama adds cost, confusion and cronyism to the Internet, just as Obamacare does to our health care system. Obama’s giving away U.S. control of the Internet is on par with Jimmy Carter’s giving away America’s control of the Panama Canal.

Now finding websites will become more complicated. Instead of remembering whether a site ends with .com, .org, .net, .edu, .gov or some other “top-level domain,” users now will face over 1,000 extensions, with another 1,000 on the way.

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