Checked your electric bill? It’s skyrocketing!

Obama's Skyrocket

It’s only just begun. American households are suffering skyrocketing electricity costs thanks to President Barack Obama’s agenda. Already the average household pays an extra $120 a year.

But the worst is yet to come.

Thanks to EPA regulations that have been announced, the U.S. will lose 9 percent of our ability to generate electricity by the year 2030, even while population grows by 54 million people. That is 116% of the current population trying to get by on 91% of our current power.

Supply-and-demand dictates electric rates will climb higher and higher. 

What does Obama suggest we do? Spend thousands of dollars per household to buy more energy-efficient appliances. You’ll pay more upfront but then you’ll use fewer kilowatts. But your utility bills will still climb because the cost per kilowatt-hour will be much higher.

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Higher electric rates are Obama’s plan, not just an unforeseen consequence:

Family budgets wrecked by runaway regulations and red tape

Grocery shopperRunaway regulations are hurting everyday people and wrecking family budgets. It’s not big companies that suffer from the $1.88 trillion annual burden of red tape that the government imposes. They pass them along, adding the costs onto their price tags.

Unaffordable health care coverage, unaffordable electric bills, unaffordable rises in food costs, unaffordable college, and unaffordable appliances are parts of the skyrocketing burden of regulations, usually dictated from Washington.

Millions of Americans who no longer pay federal income tax nevertheless have a stake in controlling the size of government, because their family budgets are ruined by higher prices resulting from regulations. All costs of regulations are passed along by businesses to consumers.

The average is $15,000 per household per year, according to the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s new annual report “Ten Thousand Commandments”, with a collective cost of $1.88 trillion. Last year alone, President Obama’s hand-picked bureaucrats created $567 per person of new red tape by creating 75,000 pages of more regulations. That’s a one-year regulatory increase of over $2,000 for a household of four.

Because that overall $1.88 trillion number is too big to swallow, people need the details one bite at a time. Providing those digestible bites is the mission of Americans for Less Regulation. Many items also are posted on ALR’s Facebook site.

HOW does red tape hurt your family budget? Read more for details including:

  • Skyrocketing electric bills
  • Higher automobile prices
  • Phony claims of consumer savings
  • Appliance prices
  • Light bulbs
  • Window blinds
  • Federal snooping of your personal finances
  • Rising health care costs

Obama gives away America’s control of the Internet

internet control

President Obama is doing for the Internet what he did for health care: making things worse. His slogan should be “Change you can deceive in.”

Even beyond so-called “Net Neutrality” (which is NOT neutrality) and even beyond censoring the web, Obama’s Internet overhaul includes extortion and shakedowns. Businesses and individuals defend themselves against domains like .sucks, which debuts in June. Obama adds cost, confusion and cronyism to the Internet, just as Obamacare does to our health care system. Obama’s giving away U.S. control of the Internet is on par with Jimmy Carter’s giving away America’s control of the Panama Canal.

Now finding websites will become more complicated. Instead of remembering whether a site ends with .com, .org, .net, .edu, .gov or some other “top-level domain,” users now will face over 1,000 extensions, with another 1,000 on the way.

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Your electric bill will skyrocket with new energy regulation

Associated Press logo 4Reported by Associated Press:

Electricity prices are probably on their way up across much of the US as coal-fired plants, the dominant source of cheap power, shut down in response to environmental regulations and economic forces.

New and tighter pollution rules and tough competition from cleaner sources such as natural gas, wind and solar will lead to the closings of dozens of coal-burning plants across 20 states over the next three years. And many of those that stay open will need expensive retrofits. Because of these and other factors, the Energy Department predicts retail power prices will rise 4 percent on average this year, the biggest increase since 2008.  By 2020, prices are expected to climb an additional 13 percent, a forecast that does not include the costs of coming environmental rules.

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The big picture: Six years of red tape rising under Obama

Red tape rising-w Heritage logo

Runaway regulations from the executive branch, aided by vast delegations of power issued by Congress–these are the trends that burden Americans, outlined in the 9th annual “Red Tape Rising” report by The Heritage Foundation.

Highlights of the report by Heritage scholars James Gattuso and Diane Katz include:

  • The number and cost of government regulations kept climbing in 2014. 27 new major rules in 2014 pushed Obama’s six-year total to 184, “with scores of other rules in the pipeline.” These 184 alone have an annual cost of at least $80-billion
  • “President Barack Obama has repeatedly demonstrated his willingness to act by regulatory fiat instead of executing laws as passed by Congress.”
  • But “A great deal of the excessive regulation in the past six years is the result of Congress’ granting broad powers to agencies through passage of vast and vaguely worded legislation.”
  • The result? “Intensifying Washington’s control over the economy and Americans’ lives.”

The full report: Red Tape Rising: Six Years of Escalating Regulation Under Obama

FEC wants to monitor you on the Internet. They call it ‘campaign reform’ but it’s really The Blob!

Blob and FEC-original sizeCurtailing your speech might stop evildoers, according to the FEC – the Federal Election Commission.

The FEC’s unstoppable bureaucracy is like The Blob, swallowing everything it touches. To them, all speech is political so they must regulate it. The theory is that putting rules on Internet speech will help control boogie monsters, which to the left means the Koch Brothers and other rich people (except of course for rich liberals).

Once the bureaucrats control what you say, they control what you know. When they control what you know, they control what you can do. But according to regulators, it’s not about controlling us, but simply “protecting” us.

Source: Another Obama agency wants to police the Internet – Washington Times

No escape! Feds will regulate you on the moon

The Federal Aviation Administration intends to “leverage the FAA’s existing launch licensing authority” on the moon, for “ensuring that commercial activities can be conducted on a non-interference basis.”

The FAA would do this by licensing who is permitted to occupy and exploit the moon.

The FAA claims it is following a 1967 United Nations treaty requiring countries to supervise their citizens and “non-government entities” in outer space.

Source: The FAA is regulating business on the moon | New York Post/Reuters

Propaganda secret: How Obama raises electric bills yet claims he lowers them

Obama propaganda posterIn 2013, President Obama was given the “Lie of The Year” award for claiming that Obamacare would allow people to keep their current health insurance. Now a new statement might win Obama that award for 2014 as well: Obama claims that his new Environmental Protection Agency regulations will lower people’s electric bills.

On June 2, he stated, “Your electricity bills will shrink as these standards spur investment in energy efficiency, cutting waste and, ultimately, we’re going to be saving money for homes and for businesses.”

Yet in 2008 he admitted his agenda was to make electricity rates “skyrocket,” supposedly to save the planet. And the EPA’s own analysis predicts their regulations will raise electric rates an extra 6% to 24% by 2020.

Careful research reveals the carefully-contrived statements Obama is using to leave consumers a totally false impression about the impact of the new EPA regulations.

Read the secrets about the propaganda: Obama’s latest brainwashing whopper — lower electricity bills

Obama’s EPA plan is like a Three Stooges routine

Stooges-hot steak, cold chop

President Obama’s latest EPA plans give America only bad choices which all will cause electric bills to skyrocket.

While claiming states will have “fexibility” to reduce carbon dioxide, the limited options are all bad. It’s like a classic Three Stooges routine: The Stooges are given a choice either of being burned at the stake or beheaded. Curly chooses the fire. “After all,” he says, “a hot steak is better than a cold chop.”

The Environmental Protection Agency isn’t offering anything better. They are not targeting something tangible, dirty or visible like soot or carbon particles, which is the purpose of the Clean Air Act. Instead, they want to reduce carbon dioxide, which is not a pollutant. CO2 is invisible whether it’s coming out of a smokestack, exhaled from your lungs, or released by plants at night. Obama’s justification is all about supposed “global warming” and “climate change,” not about pollution.

Read more:  Obama to claim credit for economy-killing EPA plan

Watch the Stooges’ “hot steak, cold chop” bit below:



Our homicide rate is lowest since 1963

police - homicideSome activists want the federal government to take over local policing, supposedly to be more efficient and more respectful of rights. And they push gun control. They claim it would make us safer.

But many media are silent about facts that interfere with their agenda, such as gun control. For example: Murders in America hit their modern peak back in 1980. Today’s murder rate is only half what it was then. Half! It’s documented by the Justice Department.

Read more: Our homicide rate is lowest since 1963, so somebody please tell the media!

Students complain: ‘First Lady messes up our lunches’

tastes yuck

The food fight over student lunches is personal for First Lady Michelle Obama, and personal for millions of upset school children and their families.

She has told us, “My most important title is mom-in-chief,” and “We can’t just leave it up to the parents.” The First Lady’s attitude is reinforced by the regulators at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, overseeing the federal School Lunch Program. They follow her bidding on extreme makeover of meals, but 1.6-million students have dropped out of the program rather than accept the new menus.

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Congress COULD curb Obama on immigration–IF they would

Obama on immigrationIt is not the Constitution that lets President Obama dictate immigration policy. His power comes from authority that Congress has delegated to the executive branch and which it could take away.

The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee proposes changing the law so that President Obama’s bureaucrats no longer have exclusive power to enforce immigration laws. Obama’s refusal to enforce immigration laws would mean less if the nation’s 1-million state and local law officers shared enforcement authority with federal officials, says Chairman Robert Goodlatte (R, VA). That would undo a Supreme Court ruling that was based on current law.

Watch where you spit! EPA may label it a ‘wetland’

spitting 3

Be careful where you spit. You might create a wetland, as defined by the Environmental Protection Agency. By adopting new loosey-goosey definitions, EPA aims to expand their control over people’s lives.

Claiming it’s merely to “clarify” their jurisdiction under the 1972 Clean Water Act, the EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers propose to expand their power with new regulations giving them authority over small, temporary and seasonal flows of water. Like where people spit. And of course mud puddles. Might kids splashing in a puddle become a federal offense?

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IRS singles out Tea Party donors for audits

IRS auditEven if you’ve done nothing wrong, an IRS audit is expensive. Congress learned that the Internal Revenue Service singled-out donors to Tea Party groups, auditing their tax returns ten times as frequently as for regular taxpayers.

The House Ways and Means Committee announced that the IRS subjected 10% of those donors to audits, compared to only 1% on average for everybody else.

As one attorney described the burden: “It has cost them their retirement; it has cost them tens of thousands of dollars to fight the IRS; it’s expensive.”

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Bureaucracy costs lives as well as dollars

VA-ScandalThe terrible Veterans Administration scandals demonstrate how bureaucratic indifference can be fatal, as it was with 40 patients who died. Their appointments were among hundreds never scheduled, to conceal the bureaucratic backlog.

More often, red tape costs financially, as people lose control over their own budgets. Businesses have to shift funds out of productivity and into filing reports.

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Army of bureaucrats push Obama agenda behind closed doors

army of bureaucratsWhile the White House issues insults and misdirections, an army of bureaucrats do the real work of Barack Obama’s presidency, laboring in obscurity and concealing their work.

Try to uncover what they’re doing and you’ll be stymied and stonewalled. Freedom of Information Act requests are not honored, so it takes months and months of lawsuits to unearth even small nuggets of truth.

Concealing basic information is how governance by unelected bureaucrats becomes a hidden government. The President has an army estimated at 2.5-million federal bureaucrats within roughly 500 federal departments, agencies, commissions, authorities and administrations.

What are some of the things they are concealing?

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IRS ‘wants to throw us in jail’ says Tea Party leader

Go to jail“They want to throw us in jail,” says Tea Party Patriots leader Jenny Beth Martin about the IRS’s targeting of the Tea Party movement.

Emails released under court order showed the Justice Department and the Internal Revenue Service discussed how to prosecute someone from the Tea Party for supposed false claims about political activity.

“Clearly they were trying to find ways to throw us in jail,” says Ms. Martin.

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First Lady kidnaps Easter event to push food regulations

FLOTUS at lunchThe annual White House Easter Egg Roll has been politicized to re-educate children and parents. Sorry, Peter Cottontail; your event has been kidnapped. And apologies to the churches.

The 30,000 guests were told, “In addition to all of the fun, the day’s activities will encourage children to lead healthy, active lives in support of the First Lady’s Let’s Move! Initiative.” In 2013, Michelle Obama proclaimed the event’s purpose was is “to celebrate nutrition and activity” and “learn about making tasty, healthy food.”

Her philosophy? “We can’t just leave it up to the parents.” That’s what the First Lady proclaimed when her husband signed the Healthy and Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010. That act has sparked student protests across the country for changing the school lunch program to promote items that students refuse to eat. And down-sized portions.

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Too much regulation invites corruption

Jimmy Fallon
Watch video below

Massive regulation breeds corruption as people and businesses look for shortcuts and loopholes. Politicians use complexity to “interpret” red tape to favor friends, reward donors, and punish enemies.

Obamacare is a prime example. There were 381,517 words in the Affordable Care Act passed by Congress. But by early 2014 the regulations “interpreting” the law surpassed 11,588,500 words.


Everyday people bear the brunt of higher prices and fewer jobs

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